Bowl Cozy Handmade in Edmonton


These Photos show both sides of the reversible, beautiful bowl cozy

No the meal does not come with it nor does our handmade much loved bowl.

It measure approximately 10″ square but depending how flat it is it will take various size bowls.

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100% cotton, machine washwable

These are beautifully handcrafted in Edmonton.  made in Edmonton, Canada and are reversible.  We offer different styles and colours.

If you  heat things in your microwave, then you know how hot bowls can get in a very quickly. You risk burning your fingers, and worse, spilling hot contents when a bowl turns out to be hotter than you first thought. To take the bowl out, you simply grab the corners of the cozy.

Cozies protect your fingers and table top.You can keep the cozy on your lap to protect yourself and enjoy your food safely.

Bowl potholder cozies solve the problem, and beautifully.

These bowl-shaped hot pads are meant to go right in the microwave, with your bowl nestled inside.

These make excellenet useful gifts for anybody who uses a microwave
Cozies will also protect your fingers from the cold when holding a bowl of ice cream.

Caution.   Please make sure cozy freely rotates in your microwave. Never leave microwave unattended. Make sure cozy is clean with no pieces of food attached.

  • Machine Wash on delicate.
  • Reshape and allow to air dry for best results.
  • Bowls are 100% cotton so wash accordingly.
  • Hand wash them if you prefer.
  • To dry just turn a bowl upside down and lay the damp cozy over it.
  • Made with 100% cotton fabric, cotton batting and cotton thread.


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